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DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts {Easy} How to Make
25 Jun 2019
DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts {Easy} How to Make
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How to Make Money Blogging 2019 - Go From 0-$500 to $5000


// How to Start Blogging for $3.95
++ http://bit.ly/2019-start-blogging

*Use my Bluehost coupon above to score $4 off your monthly hosting plan.*

// Best Vlogging Kit for Beginners
Best Starter Vlogging Camera: Canon 60D: https://fave.co/2wpomKJ
Best Vlogging Lens: Canon 10-22mm 3.5: https://fave.co/2MDQ807
High-End 4K Camera for Photo/Video: Canon 5D Mark IV: https://fave.co/2vaPUTv
High-End Zoom Lens for Photo/Video/B-roll: Canon 24m-70mm 2.8 II: https://fave.co/2AyMHSD

// My Top Video Marketing Tool
++ http://bit.ly/lt-vidiq

// How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

If I were starting a new blog today I would focus on YouTube as the main engine for growth.

That’s actually what I’m doing with Lifetailored.com. The website has been around for 5 years, while my YouTube Channel has only been around 1, and in the past year, my website has gotten 500k page View’s while youtube has generated 1.2 million

+ Make Money With Your Own Youtube Channel

Based on this huge disparity you may ask me, why not just go 100% YouTube? And the answer is that I’ve learned to never put all my eggs in one basket. Back in 2009 I was running a coupon site that relied almost 100% on google adwords and I was crushing it, but one change by google and my business crashed.

// How to Monetize a Blog in 2019

Now, my goal is to diversify any property I have so that if one partner or technique stops working, I can always have something to fall back on

So in the case of making money blogging, youtube is where I’m seeing the strongest growth, and having a website that i own and control and isn’t subject to any algorithm changes is how to truly make a passive income stream

// How to Get Sponsored Youtube Videos?

The top youtubers get paid just to record a video. I’ve been paid $2-3k to create a YouTube video and while this is a ton of cash, it’s not sustainable and will only come once you’ve built an audience, so I’ll focus on this in a later clip but wanted to address anyone thinking they can earn money blogging just from paid deals

// Best Verticals for Affiliate Marketing


Okay so if you’re starting a new blog and YouTube channel, you need to know what to talk about. Normally the advice is to blog about something you’re passionate about and the audience will follow. To me that advice is worthless, music is the most popular content on YouTube and everyone loves music, so it’s impossible to stand out or make any money

And then nobody is passionate about insurance, but it’s got huge potential for affiliates

So my advice to you is, you don’t need to be obsessed with the subject matter, what you do need to enjoy is the process. Learning how to record videos, edit them, and the game that is trying to optimize everything so you make money

This is what I love about making money online. I ran a coupon site that gave $1 off Gerber food. I was 26, had no kids and could care less, but I enjoyed designing, learning and always growing.

// Top Verticals to Make Money Blogging

So the easiest channels to build are reviews. I review credit cards and talk about how I use points to fly to amazing destinations. I make $50-100 for every person I refer to a credit card.

You could do this vertical and copy me, but I’ll tell you it’s taken me years to get approval for these cards and it’s a tough racket.

Instead, I would focus on less sexy, normal everyday stuff. Like a channel that reviews anything that’s a top seller on amazon

- gaming mice for fortnite
- Paleo snacks
- Kitchen gadgets
- USB chargers

You can literally pick any product, and if you dedicate yourself to making your reviews the best, you will gain an audience and start ranking and make money.

// Youtube Video Marketing Tips

I use vidiq.com which is a YouTube search tool that shows me what are the most popular keywords and also which ones have the least competition, which means I can rank for those terms.

VidIQ Sign Up Link
++ http://bit.ly/lt-vidiq

One piece of advice I wish I was given when I first started was to pay for tools like this. I used to always try to use free versions or just hack the data, and I’ll tell you that the $50/month subscription fee has paid for itself 10x over and saved me countless hours spinning my wheels on the wrong topics.

They do have a free trial as well, and it’s worth just signing up, getting the data and canceling just to give you direction on where to start.

// Next Steps to Monetize a Blog

// Create your blog
++ Start a Blog for Just $3.95
+ http://bit.ly/start-a-blog-make-500

// Create your YouTube channel

// Learn how to edit videos

This guy taught me everything I know
++ https://www.youtube.com/user/petermckinnon24

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifetailored/
Website: https://lifetailored.com/

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DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts {Easy} How to Make
25 Jun 2019
DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts {Easy} How to Make
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